Here are some questions our customers regularly ask us, if yours isn't found below, feel free to Contact Us.

Do you use aftermarket or manufacture's parts?

Our policy is to present you, the customer, with options and to educate you on the pros and cons of using an aftermarket product versus a manufacture's specific parts.  We do not have an affiliation except to you, the health of your car and your happiness with the experience you have working with us.

How long will my service take?

We'll cover this during your initial consultation and set an expectation for you that will permit you to make plans to go about your day while we're tending to your vehicle.

How often should I change my oil?

Not tending to this simple maintenance matter can cause premature engine wear and shorten the life of your car.  There are many wives tales about engine oil and we recommend that you Contact Us so that we can assess based on the age and type of vehicle you drive.

How long do I really have when the Check Engine Light comes on?

When this happens, you need to Contact Us as soon as possible.  When this light comes on, it is the only way your vehicle has to tell you something isn't right.  Often times this is something minor and with quick attention, we can remedy the issue before is compounds into a significant issue.